Cashmere sweaters can be hand washed or dry-cleaned;

All woven cashmere scarfs should be dry-cleaned as they are not knitted.

Hand washing a cashmere sweater will actually make it softer over time and help to prevent pilling. The friction of wear causes tiny balls of fluffy to form on new cashmere garments. Just remove the pill balls before washing. Then wash it as instructed and you find these fluffy balls to be disappeared after a few washes.

1. be sure to use gentle hand soap, woolite or a mild detergent, gently "squish" your sweater. Rinse in lukewarm water. Please avoid fabric softener, as it causes the fibres to stiffen.

2. You can roll the garment in a towel and press out the excess water, but do not twist the sweater, that would stretch the fibres. Lay it flat to dry and reshape it when it is still damp. Never hang the sweater to dry, as it will lose its shape and size. Your sweater will take the shape that it's put into when it's dried, so this is an important part of its care. And no direct contact with sunlight or an iron.

Also, if you spill something on it, no dealing with it right away. Obviously, you should wait for the offending spot to dry, and then take it a specialty cleaner.

A few storage tips to better preserve your cashmere sweaters:

1. be sure they're dry-cleaned or hand-washed before putting them away. Moths aren't so much attracted to the fibres, but rather for the food, dirt, perspiration or body oils left on the sweater

2 do not store your cashmere sweaters in airtight containers. Be stored in the plastic bags are shipped in, which allow a little air to escape.

3 use mothball, cloves, lavender, rosemary, thyme, and dried orange peel or cedar chips to discourage moths. Be sure to tie the spices or chips in a cloth sachet or handkerchief and avoid placing them directly on the garment to avoid staining. Note that wood chips absorb excess moisture, thus discouraging moths from growing in storage areas.

Tips for wearing cashmere that will help lengthen its life span:

1. Don't spray yourself with perfume while wearing cashmere because it stains the fibres.

2. After wearing, lay your cashmere sweater to breath overnight.