SANDIE KHOO , a name that may be new to a lot of consumers, however, she has been the go-to-person for the international big fashion brands whenever they need high quality cashmere products for three decades. Having worked behind the scene for the last 30 years, Sandie wanted to create a line of knitwear that could cater to the every need of the modern day woman. Modern, yet classic and versatile and most important of all, comfort and longevity.

After her cashmere spinning expert Liu Hui came on board, LHSK Limited was born. They aim to bring investment pieces to each modern day woman's wardrobe, from the basics to the dress that could take her from boardroom to a night out on the town.

Sourced from the mountains of North Xinjiang, our cashmere, at 32-34mm in length and 15.5 micron, is deemed "soft gold" amongst the locals in Xinjiang. Such is the quality that fibre of one mountain goat produces about 130 grams of cashmere yarn, with two goats for every one SANDIE KHOO garments.

It is our belief that a wholly sustainable cashmere production is the fundamental base for us to deliver quality goods to our customers in the long term. To tackle the potential deforestation of grassland resulting from over-grazing, we have worked with herders in developing an eco-friendly breeding of mountain goats - controlling grazing areas and allowing the grassland to be sustainable farmed.

We source directly from the herders residing in North Xinjiang where hardship looms with extremities of nature. By excluding an intermediate party, we work to improve the quality of life of these ethic minorities within business commercial boundaries.